Eric's List Of Magic:The Gathering Variants

Are you bored with playing Magic: The Gathering the standard way? Can't find an opponent at odd hours of the morning? Maybe your multiplayer games need a little something to encourage new players to come out. Look no further. Some of the ideas have been taken from the Pocket Player's Handbook, others have been taken from InQuest and the Duelist and from around the world on the net. I have compiled and edited them for you to use freely.

Please E-mail me ( with any comments, suggestions, corrections, or if you know of a new way to play M:tG that isn't here.

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Thanks To Contributors

Thanks To Contributors

Thanks go out to Wizards of the Coast for originally posting their variants on the web for people to use, and giving me the idea for this page. Also thanks go to the people at InQuest magazine, who have published various articles I have written about Magic variants. More thank you's to the people at Yahoo! who have a link to my page, and originally gave me the resources to start compiling these variants. Let's not forget and The Dojo that have been posting variants and keeping me up-to-date with recent Magic rumours. However, my greatest thanks go to The Organized Comprehensive M:tG Resource List, who have provided me with enough links to exhaust my computer, and my modem. Finally, thanks to the Windsor/Essex County playtesting team who still haven't gotten through all of these variants. Finally, thanks to the players, who enjoy playing these variants and keep sending me more.

Individual thanks to:
Eric Etheridge, who sent me Flash, by Niko Grunbaum;
Speed, who sent me Beast Wars, by Matt Hill;
Mark, who sent me All-Out War Magic (and even playtested it too!);
Daniel and Eion, who sent me Fish Fiddling;
Samuel Basset, who sent me Royal Rumble;
Scott Krogstad, who sent me Speedy Magic;
Howard Toltz, who sent me Stratego Magic;
Yan Zhang, who sent me Magic: the Role Playing Game v2.0 (and has reminded me many times to update my page when the new InQuest comes out);
"Mr" Anne Zeilstra, who sent me Attrition and Breakneck;
Eddie Hamud, who sent me Another Overly Complicated Magic: the Gathering Variant, which used ideas from one of my variants;
Eljay, who sent me Highlander - There Can Be Only One, Liberal Highlander, Handicap, and Centurion Highlander;
Patrick Bailey, who sent me Commutative Magic by Phil Bailey;
The Chadling, who sent me Divine Intervention Magic;
Karl Strayhorn, who sent me The Magic Deck Tester;
SmartGamer, who sent me Magic: The Chessing;
Chris Elorden, who sent me Team Community, by David Chiasson;
Tommy Borg, who sent me Magic 64;
Tyson Monagle, who sent me Perfect Pack.

Apologies to anyone who hasn't been mentioned in these thank you's. I also apologize to anyone whose variant appears here without their name mentioned, or a copyright. My computer crashed and I lost a bit of data a while back, and reconstructed a few variants from memory and hardcopy. E-mail me ( and I will correct this.

Magic: The Gathering, all Magic: the Gathering cards, and any copyrighted references or graphics I have used in this variant page are copyrighted trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.